Lost Expeditions Resurface in Pictoscope

From primary resources capturing in illuminated pages Marco Polo’s first famous treks across Central Asia and China to colorized photographs of Admiral Peary’s 19th century expedition to reach the geographic North Pole– Pictoscope’s visual

Ernst Haeckel and the Beauty of Science

Ernst Haeckel, the 19th century German biologist, physician and naturalist, discovered and named thousands of new animal species over a lifetime of work and travels.  Through his work in zoology and evolution, he introduced

Shahnameh, Pictoscope and the Book of Kings!

While living as a grad student in Paris I had the opportunity to interview the Afghan librarian and poet Latif Pedram for American Libraries* magazine.  At that time Latif was living in exile and

The Birth of Pictoscope

One evening, three years ago, I had an idea suddenly electrify my tired mind just as I was lying down to sleep:  “What if we could see inside the archive?  What if we could

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